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BLM Series)

MPI's Beltless Magnetic Conveyors (BLM) are designed to provide positive control of ferrous metal materials. BLM series conveyors are available in (5) standard models in a wide range of configurations designed specifically to meet your application. Powerful permanent magnets are conveyed below a nonmagnetic stainless steel slider bed to move and convey ferrous metal objects. Typical materials conveyed include metal, stampings, turnings, chips, fasteners and scrap. The liquid-tight, sealed conveyor housing can be completely submerged in machine reservoir tanks and the internal self-adjusting take-up system eliminates the need for maintenance.
BLM conveyors are offered with many design options and can also be supplied with other ancillary components, such as feeders, hoppers, etc., to provide a complete material handling system.
Conveyors are available in these shapes:

  • Dogleg
  • Dogleg with extended discharge
  • Horizontal straight
  • Incline straight

Standard Features:

  • Conveyor frames and chain guides are laser cut to precise tolerances
  • Conveyor frames are 11 ga. minimum
  • Slider beds are 12 ga. stainless steel and sealed liquid tight
  • 7 ga. stainless steel slider beds on units 18" wide and larger
  • 2" tall side guides standard
  • Slider face attachment nuts and bolts are on 1-1/2" spacing for radius and 4" spacing for straight sections
  • Internal magnets are enclosed in specially formed UHMW cartridges for integrity and reduced friction
  • Powerful Ceramic 8 magnet material
  • Internal oil bath lubricates all internal moving components for quiet, trouble free operation
  • Self-adjusting chain tensioning system standard
  • 1/2 HP 230/460V 3-phase motor with gear reducer and torque limiter

Optional Features:

  • Rare earth magnet assemblies
  • Rigidized stainless steel slider beds
  • 7 ga. impact plate on slider bed for improved durability and longer life
  • Custom side guards
  • Custom coolant troughs and smoke covers
  • Discharge chutes designed for the application
  • Three head styles to provide optimum part discharge:
    • Continuous radius head
    • Horizontal head design
    • Nose-over-head design

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