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Flexible Sectional Dock Door QxV

Durability and soaring energy costs continue to be a challenge in the loading dock industry.


DL Manufacturing has come up with an affordable solution that eliminates air and light gaps in the QxV Flexible Sectional Dock Door. The key to our design is a rugged, flexible PVC panel with an R-value of R-22 which is why QxV surpasses the performance of other sectional dock doors.


This makes QxV an ideal solution for cold storage applications and behind vertical storing dock levelers.


QxV Features 

High Performance

QxV’s flexible PVC panel resists damage from impact better than standard steel panels

Flexible Energy Saving Panels

QxV uses closed cell foam PVC panels with R-22

Side Compression Seals

Prevent air leakage at sides which makes QxV ideal for cold storage applications

Available in vertical lift, high lift and standard lift installation

Available with bottom knockout panel


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