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Lift and Tilt Tables

Unlike many tilting lift tables that tilt and lift simultaneously, these units allow independent control of lift and tilt to precisely position containers or other items at the optimum height and tilt angle.


E-Z Reach Lift and Tilt Tables with their exclusive Universal Tilter Base (UTB) compensate for the shifting center of gravity as loads are tilted.


The open frame top allows the tilting hydraulics to retract within the frame resulting in a lower profile when in the full down position.


Lift and Tilt Tables with UTB also feature a shorter but wider stance for improved stability in a small footprint.



Choose from Hydraulic Lift and Tilt Tables (UTB Model Designations) or Pneumatic Lift and Tilt Tables (LTA Model Designations) units.



Model NumberCapacity (lbs.)Overall Dimensions (in.)Max. Platform (in.)Tilt Angle (deg.)
UTB 1 1,000 42x42 66x72 30 or 45
UTB 2 2,000 42x42 66x72 30 or 45
UTB 4 4,000 42x42 66x54 30 or 45
GLTA2-24 Pneumatic 2,000 36x48 48x60 30
GLTA4-24 Pneumatic 2,000 48x48 60x60 30

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