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Modular Plastic Belting

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Intralox revolutionized the conveyance of food and industrial products when we invented modular plastic conveyor belts. Constructed of plastic modules and hinge rods, and driven and tracked by plastic sprockets, Intralox belts have the inherent qualities that plant operators and designers look for: corrosion resistance, positive drives, high strength, low friction, abrasion resistance, and the ability to be built to almost any width and length, with a variety of flights, sideguards, and other accessories.

The application of our technology has enabled manufacturers worldwide to experience dramatic savings in product loss, significant increases in throughput, and reduction in other cost drivers, like labor, maintenance and belt life.

Learn more about the advantages of modular plastic belting, and explore how modular plastic spiral solutions, our patented Activated Roller Belting™ (ARB) technology and Abrasion Resistant technology can enable real cost savings in your plant.


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