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Sprockets and Shafts

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Intralox sprocket designs are uniquely tailored to deliver optimal performance in your application. All Intralox belts are positively driven and positively tracked by our sprockets, which prevents the belts from slipping and moving laterally.

    • Sprockets are molded in both one-piece and split configurations, available in either plastic or metal.
    • Sprockets are available in a wide variety of diameters, with either square or round bore sizes.
    • For sanitation-critical applications, Intralox offers EZ Clean Sprockets. To achieve optimum cleaning results with Series 800, 850, 1600, 1650, and 1800 belts, customers may choose Intralox Angled EZ Clean Sprockets.


Intralox sprockets are available in a wide variety of materials to meet your demands, such as acetal for standard applications and other specialty materials for applications requiring greater resistance to abrasion or chemicals. 


Intralox manufactures custom-made square shafts for virtually any conveyor application using Intralox belts. Intralox recommends the use of square shafts. Not only do square shafts transmit torque (rotational force) without the need for troublesome keys and keyways, they also accommodate the lateral expansion differences between the plastic belt material and the steel shafts.


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