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The alpine conveyor differs from the common FlexLink conveyor in the way that the alpine is built in a compact spiral configuration.


The common use of the alpine conveyor is as an accumulation/buffer zone between machines. Or, as an in-process step, for example, for cooling or drying, or simply for elevation and loweration.


If the alpine is used as an accumulator there are two ways of using the alpine: inline or as a bypass.


An inline accumulator is always included in the transport path. A bypass accumulator is connected to the transport path when temporary accumulation is necessary.


Alpine Conveyor Benefits

  • A conveyor with accumulation capability will reduce the effects of machinery failures. It will accumulate the products from one machine while the next machine in the line is being repaired or adjusted.
  • The accumulation zone is a simple yet efficient way of connecting production lines which operate at varying speeds. The accumulation zone also provides the possibility to continuously have bottleneck machines running.
  • Many manufacturing processes require cooling times or drying times, or other in-process-steps, before further processing can take place. An alpine conveyor is a very compact way of obtaining a long cooling/drying distance.
  • If level change is required in a conveyor with accumulation capability, the alpine conveyor will be the natural solution. At an inclination of 5° the standard plain chain will provide positive transport of most products up or down the conveyor. For inclinations over 5° FlexLink offers alternative chain types for non-accumulating applications.





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