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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

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The automated buffer provides an effective and ergonomic system for product buffering. The rack is typically used as production buffer and in testing and sorting applications.


The system can be used for intelligent buffering, balancing of process flow, kitting, test and burn-in solutions or as storage for different items.


The solution organizes production processes and factory facilities with maximum control of the production and is designed to respond quickly and efficiently to rapidly changing production requirements.


The rack is a vertically built framework with a built-in fully automated manipulator with loading and unloading functions.


The design and configurability allows cost effective manufacturing, short delivery times and high re-usability. The system meets ESD requirements and is CE safety compliant.



Automated Storage & Retrieval System Features: 

  • Buffering, sorting, kitting, storing and testing functionality.
  • Quickly reconfigurable system using step-by-step automation.
  • Mixed production with full track and tracing.
  • Automated manipulator loading/unloading solution.
  • Ergonomic working conditions.
  • Short delivery times.






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