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Cable Cop de acero

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Have you ever had a cable jump or a cable unwind on your loading dock door?

The dock area is filled with potential mishaps that can create problems with your door. Whether it’s caused by a pallet or shrink wrap tube being left under the door or a leveler stored in the up position – unwinding cables on your dock door can be a major nuisance.



Stop this from happening to your door cable...
because bird nests are for the birds.


Cable Cop keeps the cable on the drum and automatically stops the door operator – saving you costly downtime and a service call.

Works with automatic door operators:

Cable Cop instantly senses slack in the cable due to an obstruction in the door’s path and then automatically reverses the door operator before the cable can wind and bird nest.

...and with manual door operation:

Cable Cop applies constant tension to the cable and takes up any excess slack that would normally cause a cable to jump.



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