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Knockout Dock Door MxV

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The Next Generation Knockout Dock Door

Today’s loading docks are handling more traffic than ever before.

The loading dock door is a major obstacle encountered when moving This higher volume of traffic has increased door damage, resulting in a loss of production and higher maintenance cost. MxV’s innovative knockout design allows it to flex and release upon impact without damage to the door or track.


The brush that delivers value  MxV uses brush instead of rollers or pins.  The polypropylene brush won’t wear or fray.  It’s washable and provides the best long term solution for sealing your dock door. More importantly, the brush allows the MxV to be knocked out and reset with ease.



The causes are all too familiar – a misguided forklift truck, a spring not lubricated or cable jump – the result is that your dock door is out of service and you need to ship product.  MxV can eliminate this problem!  MxV offers a flexible design that can be knocked out in either direction and reset by simply opening and closing the door. MxV keeps product moving at the loading dock door to improve productivity and efficiency


MxV provides a loading dock door that is consistently easy to operate. MxV has no wearing parts so the door operation does not change even if the door gets hit or damaged. This ease of operation reduces worker fatigue that can be associated with sectional doors that are hard to operate due to damage on the panels, rollers or track.


MxV saves energy by offering the best long term seal configuration available on the market today. The polypropylene brush seal helps to provide a better U–Factor (the lower the U–Factor, the greater a door’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value) and eliminates costly side gaps that result from door damage, rubber seals that wear, improper installation or door size. This makes MxV the preferred door for food and cold storage applications. In addition to saving energy, MxV can also help the efficiency of the building’s refrigeration/heating systems by reducing load requirements during peak hours.


MxV Features

  • Patented Polymer guide system – MxV uses a brush instead of rollers, allowing for a continuous seal and a long lasting design that has the ability to knockout without costly door damage.
  • High Performance – MxV’s rugged design resists damage from impact better than other knockout dock doors.
  • Exclusive Self-Correcting Design – Simply open and close to re-set, no spring loaded rollers or pins to maintain.
  • Flexible, 3” thick, insulated panels – MxV’s panels are lightweight and insulated, suitable for refrigerated loading docks.

MxV’s unique design helps to improve productivity on today’s busy loading docks by reducing maintenance calls and avoiding costly downtime for door replacement or repair.



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