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Versa Light

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The Greenest Technology in Truck Lighting

Get all the facts on LED dock lights.

Not all LED lights are created equally. The LED Versa Light® provides Sustainability by Ensuring Quality and Performance for the Long Term – minimizing your cost of ownership.

Nothing lights up a trailer like a LED Versa Light® with our 10 LED head configuration. The LED Versa Light® effectively illuminates the ENTIRE INSIDE of an 8’ X 53’ trailer.


Other dock lights feature a 53’ beam of light with a spotlight quality; we focus on details like lighting up the sides too.



Longer Life – Our patented, fan-cooled design allows us to provide a light with superior output, 10 high intensity LED’s, and longer life LED’s – up to 85,000 hours.

Easy on the eyes – Specifically engineered to maintain the same color temperature as our halogen bulb Versa Light™ 

Suitable for food grade applications.


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