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Safety Strap

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Retractable Dock Door Strap

The Smart Choice for facilities that keep their loading dock areas open. Incorporate Safety Strap with Smart Chock or Safety Signal to help reduce the potential for dock accidents and improve production.


Keep Your Dock Workers Safe

  • Designed for cross docks and facilities that leave their dock doors open.
  • Designed with superior strength that exceeds OSHA standards.
  • High visibility dock barrier.
  • Helps prevent dock workers from falling off a loading dock.
  • Strap is retractable to keep clear of door opening when not in use.
Can be incorporated with DL Manufacturing’s Dock Communication Systems, or used as a stand alone unit.


Safety Strap and Safety Signal communication system


The Safety Strap with optional proximity sensor can be used with Safety Signal at facilities that typically keep their doors open.


Strap Disengaged:
Inside Box Red Inside Box Green
Outside Box Green Outside Box 
Versa Light*
Versa Light* 
Auxiliary Output
Auxiliary Output


Safety Strap and Smart Chock communication system setup

When supplied with optional proximity sensor, Safety Strap can be integrated with Smart Chock. The Safety Strap replaces the function of the dock door opening and closing when the facility operates with the loading dock doors open.



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