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The introduction of the AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor® SV in the mid nineties sparked a revolution in material handling.

Paired with a simple and robust design, the space-saving configuration provides an effective solution to the traditional issues associated with height differences.


The lateral roller system patented by AmbaFlex is simple and reliable, and it renders controls and sensors superfluous.


The continuous motion represents a solution for the exacting situations involved with unstable products and high production speeds.


With its installed base of thousand machines world wide (including demanding multinational clients), the AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor® SV sets the standard for industry.



Distinguishing features:

  • Only one drive needed for height differences exceeding 12 m.
  • A choice of many belt types, flights and high friction ratios.
  • Belt maintenance without using tools.
  • Buffers up to 70 m belt length with only one drive.


Technical specifications:

  • Material configurations: Mild steel, coated / high corrosion resistant / stainless steel wash down (100% stainless, no soft metals used).
  • Elevation up or down (or reversible).
  • Loads of up to 50 kg/m.
  • Belt speeds of up to 90 m/min.


SpiralVeyor® Belt width Foot print
SV-200-1000 200 mm 1240 mm square
SV-400-1300 400 mm 1740 mm square
SV-400-1800 400 mm 2240 mm square
SV-600-1600 600 mm 2240 mm square


  • For wider belt configurations we refer to the SpiralVeyor® SVX.
  • For dynamic accumulation please see the AccuVeyor® family of machines.
  • For smaller belt width or mass flow application we refer to the SpiralVeyor® SVM.
  • For conveying of unpacked products we refer to the SpiralVeyor® SH.


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