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Wedge Elevator

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A wedge conveyor uses two conveyor tracks facing each other to provide fast and gentle transport, horizontally as well as vertically.


The chain has flexible cleats to carry the product without damaging it. Different cleats are available to accommodate the wide variety of products which may be handled.


Examples of applications are transport of soda cans, glass and plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, tissue paper, etc.


Wedge conveyors are suitable for high production rates and can be designed to save floor space.


Owing to their principle of operation, the wedge conveyors are not very suitable for transport of very heavy or irregularly shaped objects.



Wedge Elevator Features:

  • Fast, high-capacity vertical transport.
  • Smooth handling of products.
  • Suitable for filling and packaging lines, etc.
  • Flexible building block principle.
  • Lightweight, space-saving system.
  • Only hand tools required to build conveyor.
  • Easily integrated into other FlexLink conveyors.


Factors to be considered when planning for a wedge conveyor:

  • The product must withstand some side pressure.
  • Wet products should be avoided; their lower friction may cause slippage, slowing the flow of products.
  • Support rails should be used when the products are heavy or susceptible to compression.




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