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Flush Mount Turntable Lifts

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The built-in turntable is essentially flush to the table platform in a clean, uncluttered design.


The turntable bearings and support are under the platform and do not substantially increase the lowered height over that of comparable lifts without turntables.


The turntable sits only 3/16" higher than the surrounding platform and is rotationally locked when the lift is in the full down position.


Flush Mount turntable lifts are available in standard Southworth Backsaver Lift capacities to 4000 lbs. Turntables are available in 2 sizes; 20" and 43" diameter and are fitted into a limited number of platform sizes.


The 43" diameter model can even be pit mounted when toe protection is added.



Model NumberCapacity (lbs.)Standard Platform(wxl in.)Raised Height (inches)
LS4-36-4848FMTT 3,500 48"x48" 43-7/8"


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