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LST Series Tandem Lift Tables

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LST Tandem lift tables provide level rise for long loads such as lumber, pipes, sheets, bar stock, and assemblies.


These hydraulic lift tables are typically used as feeding tables for tube welders, formers, and panel saws as well as for bundling and banding bar stock, lumber and other materials.


Tandem design allows the combination of high capacity and low collapsed height to support loads up to 7' x 17'.


They are available in extra long and extra wide configurations.



Model NumberCapacity (lbs.)Standard Platform (wxl in.)Max Platform (wxl in.)Raised Height (inches)
LST4-36 4,000 24x96 48x120 42-3/4
LST8-36 8,000 24x96 48x120 42-3/4
LST12-36 12,000 24x96 48x120 43-1/4
LST4-48 4,000 24x132 48x168 56
LST8-48 8,000 24x132 48x168 56
LST12-48 12,000 24x32 48x168 56
LST4-60 4,000 24x172 48x204 70
LST8-60 8,000 24x172 48x204 70
LST10-60 10,000 24x172 48x204 68
LST12-60 12,000 24x172 48x204 70
LST4-36W (wide) 4,000 36x96 60x120 42-3/4
LST8-36W (wide) 8,000 36x96 60x120 42-3/4
LST12-36W (wide) 12,000 36x96 60x120 43-1/4
LST4-48W (wide) 4,000 48x132 72x168 56
LST8-48W (wide) 8,000 48x132 72x168 56
LST12-48W (wide) 12,000 48x132 72x168 56
LST4-60W (wide) 4,000 54x172 84x204 70
LST8-60W (wide) 8,000 54x172 84x204 70
LST10-60W (wide) 10,000 54x172 84x204 68
LST12-60W (wide) 12,000 54x172 84x204 70


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