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The X45e drive and puck handling units offer unique solutions for easy and efficient control of your single piece flow system.
Technical characteristics X45e
Drive unit capacity 24 V 100 N
Beam width 45 mm
Chain width 43 mm
Chain pitch 12,7 mm
Conveyor speed 24 V Variable 5–20 m/min
Cycle time <1 sec
Puck diameter 43 mm
Maximum puck weight 250 g
RFID as option reader/writer DTA 100
Tag Diam. 30×2,15 mm


Embedded intelligence

The X45e modules allow considerably simplified controls design and easy modification of performance. Integrated RFID functionality makes it easy to control the process and product QA. Based on high efficiency motor technology, the system energy consumption is substantially lower than for conventional solutions.


Compact drive units

Examples of products handled

Contact lenses, electric switches, LED lights, insuline pens, light bulbs, lipstick, mechatronics e.g. for cars, medical devices, optical lenses, perfumes, syringes.


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