X85 Pallets

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The X85 pallet conveyor system is a toolbox for single piece flow solutions enabling easy balancing, flexible routing and full control of each product in process.
Technical characteristics
Pallet sizes (W×L) 160×100 mm
  160×125 mm
  160×175 mm
  160×225 mm
Maximum load on pallet 10 kg
Maximum conveyor length 30 m
Maximum conveyor speed 25 m/min


Modular pallet conveyor

Pallet conveyors are suitable to a wide number of industrial production processes. A pallet conveyor is used to establish automatic single piece flow solutions in machining, assembly, and test processes. Standard conveyor modules make it quick and easy to create simple as well as advanced layouts for routing, balancing, buffering and positioning of pallets. Innovative tunnel locating modules and divert and merge modules allow easy creation of satellites for offline operations.


One piece track and trace

Youtilize®, our equipment and monitoring software, enable single piece track and trace and logistic control for the entire production line. Functions to stop, divert, merge, elevate, lift, and control (RFID) are standard, giving you trouble-free operation and an attractive return on your investment.


Control system

The control system is based on modular thinking, providing you with advantages such as easy engineering and short ramp-up time. The system consists of hardware in form of control, power and manoeuvre boxes, sensors and a drag & drop software library for the system functions.


Pallet conveyor

The pallet conveyors allow lifting all standard pallets up- or downwards between two different levels. The lifting unit consists of a short XT-compact conveyor, transporting the pallet into or out of the elevator. Two elevator heights can be orded: low and high elevator.


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