XK Pallet

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The pallet handling components for conveyor system XK satisfy the demands for a sturdy pallet conveyor for medium to heavy loads in demanding environments.
Technical characteristics
Pallet sizes (W×L) 200×150 mm
  250×225 mm
  300×300 mm
Maximum load on pallet 30 kg
Maximum accumulated weight on conveyor at 5 m/min 800 kg
Maximum conveyor length 40 m
Maximum conveyor speed 50 m/min


Highway/satellite layouts

A complete range of standard divert/merge devices come in easily assembled standard component kits for easy and fast configuration of highway/satellite layouts, which can be attached to an existing conveyor without the need for cutting or welding of the beam.


RFID track and trace

All pallets are equipped with sockets for RFID chips. System components for automatic pallet handling are available.

Machining line for pistons

Examples of products handled

Transport and assembly of pistons, water taps, connecting rods, ball and roller bearings, gear wheels, crankshafts, and hydraulic pumps.

Pallet elevator

The pallet elevator allows lifting all standard pallets up- or downwards between two different levels. The lifting unit consists of a short XT-compact conveyor, transporting the pallet into or out of the elevator. Two elevator heights can be orded: low and high elevator.


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