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PalletPal Lift Truck High Lift Pallet Truck

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If you use open bottom containers or skids, now you can transport and palletize with a single unit.


This high lift pallet truck / skid lifter travels easily over any industrial surface and can easily be adjusted up and down at the touch of a button.


Skid lifter features include:


  • Extra rugged construction.
  • 1,600 pound first stage capacity.
  • Infinite height adjustment within the working range.
  • Internal battery charger and battery discharge indicator.
  • Ergonomic contoured handle and group controls for operator convenience.
  • Dual front casters to absorb the shock of uneven surfaces.
  • Auto locking casters to prevent movement when unit is in the raised position.


Model Number  Capacity (lbs.) Drive  Lift Fork Lenght (in.) Raised Height (inches)
PT-33-E 3,300 Manual (push) Electric (pushbutton) 48 31-1/2
PT-33-EX - Long Forks 1,650 Manual (push) Electric (pushbutton) 79 31-1/2


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