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PalletPal Roll-On Level Loader

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With internal hydraulic power, PalletPal Roll-On Level Loaders lower to floor height so pallets can be rolled on and off with a hand pallet truck.


The lift is then easily adjusted by pushbutton or foot switch control to maintain an ideal height for manual loading and unloading.


The narrow side and back panels allow for easy reach over for 4 side access.

  • Photo-eye provides toe protection.
  • Platform locks in partially up position to allow relocation by means of a hand pallet truck.
  • Available One-Touch Auto Leveling provides up or down adjustment by a preset increment at the touch of a button.


Model Number Capacity (lbs.) Platform Size (in.)  Lowered Height (in.)  Raised Height (inches) 
ROLLC2.5-28 2,500 40x48 3/8 28-3/8
ROLLC2.5-28 2,500 44x48 3/8 28-3/8
ROLLC2.5-28 2,500 52x48 3/8 28-3/8
ROLLC4-28 4,000 44x48 3/8 28-3/8
ROLLC4-28 4,000 52x48 3/8 28-3/8


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