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A1800 Robotic Palletizer Machine

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Bigger payloads. Faster work.

 Choose the A1800 high-speed robotic palletizer when you need an impressive palletizing and depalletizing solution. This tough new robot completes 1800 cycles per hour and stacks more than 28 bags per minute, with a payload capacity up to 310 pounds and a range of 360 degrees. The touch-screen interface offers user-pattern programming and easy operation.


Space- and energy-efficient, its simple design promises a low-maintenance solution: increased uptime and high reliability. The new A1800 leads the pack, showing off speed and flexibility to easily meet your end-of-line requirements.

This impressive model is just one in our fleet of tough palletizers. Are your needs changing? Our robotic systems can change with you, easily and efficiently.


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