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X85 (85 mm Chain)

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The X85 conveyor offers longest in class MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and lowest in class noise level. Preconfigured conveyor recipes and engineering tools makes engineering fast, accurate and easy.
Technical characteristics
Beam width 85 mm
Chain width 83 mm
Chain pitch 33,5 mm
Drive unit capacity 300–1250 N
Chain tension limit 1250 N
Item width 20–200 mm
Maximum conveyor length 30 m
Maximum weight on conveyor 200 kg
Maximum load per 100 mm conveyor length 75 N
Maximum item weight, horizontal transport 15 kg
Maximum item weight, vertical transport 10 kg



High speed conveyor system

X85 is capable of a single lane flow of up to 120 m/min, and the speed can be seamlessly controlled up or down with. With standardized divert or merge functions, product flows can be directed to specific machines.



Different conveyor chain types

The X85 conveyor systems uses a plastic chain that permits horizontal as well as vertical change of direction. In addition to the standard types, several special purpose chain links are available. Take a look in the Chain Guide (available below).



Examples of products handled

Tissue paper, gear wheels, aerosol cans, medium size ball bearings, piston parts, yoghurt, fuel injectors, dry batteries, plastic bottles, matches, cheese boxes, coffee and tea packages.




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