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XMY 83 mm Chain - Hygienic Conveyor

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Conveyor with focus on hygiene
The FlexLink hygiene conveyor was designed to meet the following requirements of special interest to the dairy, food, and personal products industries:
  • Open design facilitates cleaning by means of foam followed by water rinsing.
  • Only food approved materials in touch with food.
  • No harmful gases or smells created.
  • Operating temperatures --20 °C to +60 °C.
  • Operating humidity 10% to 95% RH.
  • Noise level at 70 m/min is 70 dBA or less.
  • Designed to high standards of safety.
  • The conveyor is designed for speeds ranging from 5 m/min to 100 m/min.
Improved hygienic conveyor
The XMY hygienic conveyor system has been modified based on field experience and suggestions from customers. With focus on structure rigidness, easy construction, and easier cleaning, several components have been modified.
Note that the new XMY products are not compatible with the earlier versions. Old and new components cannot be combined. In most cases, the new components carry the previous designation with an A added at the end. Please contact FlexLink Systems for more information.


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