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Powered Turntable

The Powered Turntable is used when two parallel conveyor lines must be close together with a 180° turn at one (or both) ends. The turning radius is held to a minimum, less than would be available with gravity or powered curve sections. Turntable Plow and Guard Rails insure product safety while negotiating 180° turn. Unit is reversible and all bearings are sealed. Table top speed at drive wheel is 190 FPM.

  • Capacity 500 lbs. Total Distributed Load Maximum Unit Load150 lbs.
  • 28 in. to 40 in. Adjustable Top of Table
  • Motor 1/2 HP 230/460V 3 Ph. 60Hz.
  • Chain-driven Free-floating Drive Wheel

Manually Operated Turntable

The Manually Operated Turntable can be placed in-line with gravity or powered conveyors. Operator can manually reposition Turntable to divert pallets, product, etc. to an adjacent conveyor line. Minimum elevation to top of rollers is 8 1/2 in. Other elevations up to 40 in. available.

  • Capacity 600 lbs.
  • 1.9 in. or 2.0 in. dia. Rollers spaced on 3 in. centers
  • Spring-loaded Handle to position and lock table at
  • 90° intervals

Plows 30-MP (Manual) & 30-AP (Pneumatic)

30° Plows are used to divert product from main conveyor line to spur line. Mounts to underside of bed on Powered belt or Live Roller type conveyors.

  • Manual & Pneumatic
  • 2 in. x 2 in. x 14 ga. plow arm
  • 30° plow angle
  • Pneumatic Only
  • Air cylinder 2 in. bore double acting 6 in. stroke (10 in. to 18 in. OAW conveyors), 10 in. stroke (20 in. to 42 in. OAW conveyors)
  • Air Requirements Minimum pressure 60 P.S.I. Maximum 100 P.S.I. free air consumption per cycle 6 in. stroke at 60 P.S.I. (.105 cu. ft.), at 100 P.S.I. (.162 cu. ft.) 10 in. stroke at 60 P.S.I. (.176 cu. ft.), at 100 P.S.I. (.270 cu. ft.).
  • Valve Single solenoid 4-way valve 1/4 in. 20NPT valve ports. Electrical requirements: 120V. 1 Ph. 60 Hz. current draw, .09 amps.

INSTALLATION NOTE: To eliminate contaminants in air supply line, a filter, regulator should be installed prior to valve.


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