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XW (300 - 1200 mm)

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The XW conveyor system is a system for wide applications. It offers many of the benefits of the original FlexLink systems.


The added advantage of a wide chain permits effective transport and accumulation in many different configurations.


Technical characteristics


Conveyor widths 300 mm
  600 mm
  900 mm
  1200 mm
Max. conveyor speed 30 m/min
Maximum item weight 25 kg


Easy assembly


Many accessory components of the original FlexLink system will fit, including guide rail components and supports. Most components are attached by means of T-slot fasteners, ensuring maximum flexibility. Nothing is welded. Only a minimum of cutting and drilling will be required to install a conveyor and have it running.


Examples of products handled


Lightweight goods such as plastic and glass bottles, hygiene products, food packages and tins, bearings and other cylindrical products.


Components and spare parts


Individual components are available to create special functions, modify existing ones, or to serve as spare parts. Our spare part supply is secured through global distribution centres. Please contact your local FlexLink representative.


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